About Us

Guidebolt Inc. is a Canadian engineering company dedicated to technical excellence and operational integrity.


To significantly expand the scope of what individuals and teams can accomplish.


We are rigorous thinkers obsessed with truth, efficiency, and real world consequences.

We are pragmatic designers concerned with specific interactions in dynamic, unsimplified systems.

We are sensible collaborators sharing knowledge and opportunities with results-oriented thinking.


We acknowledge the necessity and difficulty of bridging the gap between abstract ideals and actual experiences.

We envision an economy that operates closer to the natural sciences, where opportunities to prosper are more guaranteed. When people know how to grow food, can access the resources required to produce, and are willing to work, the nation has a clear defense against hunger and starvation. The same principle of technical possibility applies to all the products and services consumed for modern living, with no need for abstract economic problems. However, this simple model is complicated by the natural-sensible-negotiated reality of skill specialization, economies of scale, dependency coordination, and resource access limits. The economic upgrade requires advancements in fast-practical education, efficient-versatile production, direct-accessible work, and pro-competitive regulation.


We are passionate about playing our role to help advance the world technology tree and knowledge pool in mixed coordination with all like-minded individuals and companies, big and small. Technology increasingly shapes our day-to-day lives, and, wisely implemented, we see its potential for a world that is significantly more safe, stable, efficient, guaranteed, and fun.

All of our products and services are backed by our resilient commitment to quality, consistency, and transparency. We know that quality builds trust and brand loyalty. Consistency sustains that trust through time and across iterations. Transparency grounds that trust in deep, accurate information for clear, explicit expectations to be met with excellence.

Our Partners

Partnered with D3 Innovation in Montreal Partnered with Robotis in Korea

Philosophy of Knowledge

The truth helps you get what you want from reality, if what you want from reality requires the truth.

Truth is reality in its past, present, and future. What has been, what is, what could be, and what will be.

Truth is learned at different levels of understanding. Shallow truths are easily interpreted, offering quick solutions to simple problems. Deep truths are closer to reality, forging complex foresight across all factors, risks, and consequences.

Philosophy of Engineering

Great engineering demands 3 critical, highly-transferable skills that effectively cover the thought-space.

Simulation - The ability to accurately copy the real world into your mind in order to run and evaluate experimental scenarios with high granularity.

Modeling - The ability to cleanly transform ideas and situations into intuitive visualizations and abstractions in order to remove noisy information and focus on the most important factors at play.

Imagination - The ability to usefully generate new ideas from creative thinking and familiar knowledge in order to explore the hidden possibility space and discover yet-unknown risks.

Philosophy of Life

Purpose manifests under two fundamental, overlapping categories. Competence that creates Results. To shape the world as you accurately and truly wish. Mindset that yields Happiness. To feel good and think enjoyably, as genuinely and continuously and in as many ways as possible.

People have good, common goals:

  • The easy life. Free from responsibility, detached from hardship, and full of worldly pleasures.
  • The diligent life. Honest work. Raising the next generation and protecting family, friends, and community.
  • The creative life. The passion of brilliant imagination, expressed and observed; functional and aesthetic.
  • The intellectual life. The splendor of insightful learning and breakthrough understanding.
  • The adventurous life. The enthusiastic exploration of new opportunities and experiences.
  • The charitable life. The purposeful assistance of positive projects and helping those in need.
  • The ambitious life. The intense pursuit of extra-professional world impact.

Protect the fragile happiness in this world full of potential.

Fulfill our self-assigned responsibilities with sheer competence and unbreakable determination.

Remember that good intentions mean little without correct decisions, and great intelligence means nothing without useful action.