Humanoid Robots that Work

Dual-Mode Technology: Telepresence + Autonomous
The robot is your second body. Wear the compact body-interface in seconds. See, hear, speak, and move from the robot's perspective.
Turn on the AI. Teach it how to complete tasks independently. Link-switch instantly between multiple robots to triple your productivity.
Status: Functional prototype in pilot testing. Leading-edge hardware upgrades and advanced software in progress. Closed beta units available in 2023.
Supported by D3 Innovation in Montreal
Sponsored by Autodesk Technology Impact Program
Verified by AAXP
Funded by NGen

Zero Commute

Instantly transport your presence to where you need to be. Less driving to work and back, even for physical jobs. More freedom to live and work where you want. Save time and reduce commute exhaustion. The future of work-from-home.

Perfect Safety

The human-to-robot link is wireless, filtered, and long-distance capable, while robots can easily be repaired and replaced. Work in hazardous environments with complete personal health-and-safety from afar. More confidence to engage jobs without personal risk or worry. The future of workplace safety.

A-Z Automation

Teach the AI simple tasks or complex behaviors. The humanoid form-factor is compatible with existing human-purposed tools and spaces and provides the best human ergonomics for work-teach telepresence. Share and download the skills that your robot learns for and from trusted communities. Automate increasingly more and faster. More time to do what you really want and what really matters. The future of multi-purpose robotics.

Global Reach

Access robots around the world to provide critical help regardless of distance. Amplify your impact by mastering sequential/semi-simultaneous multi-robot control and modular super-human abilities. Team up with other operators for unprecedented real-world adventuring. Convenient opportunities to be a real hero. The future of worldwide teamwork and volunteering.

Immersive Learning

Leverage one-robot multi-link/shared-control features with expert teachers and other learners for highly-efficient point-of-view experiences. Seamlessly transition graduates and trainees through see-the-job/on-the-job training enhanced by real-time visual cues, AI guidance, and automatic error prevention. Convey real-world context and task nuances with less travel-time and disruption-risk. The future of accessible learning-by-doing.

High-Quality Engineering

  • Comprehensive Real-Time System (RTLinux, OpenDDS, FreeRTOS, CAN-FD SiC)
  • Leading-edge Processor Power-Performance (AMD Embedded APU, DDR5 ECC RAM)
  • Leading-edge Performance Density (latest-gen GaNFETs and Silicon FETs)
  • High-Reliability Features (ECC MCUs, Ferroelectric NVRAM, Soft-Terminal Capacitors, Dry-Run Bearings, Type 3 Anodize, Braided UHMWPE Tendons)
  • High-Safety Features (redundant and dual-die sensors with ASIL-D functional safety, independent safety modules with power-override)
  • Multi-Purpose Design (modular end-effector mounting interface, on-body utility hardpoints, extra power paths, wheeled/bipedal mobility swap-ability)
  • Universal Standards (48VDC primary bus, USB Type-C, metric A4SS fasteners)
  • Low-Latency Wireless Networking (IEEE 802.11ax Wifi 6E with new 6GHz band)
  • Link-Anywhere Networking Bridge (peer-to-peer discovery/connection server for avatar-control routing from uncontrolled/unprepared networks)
  • High-Resolution Sensor-Fusion (14-bit motion-sense, 20-bit 10kHz power-sense)
  • Open-Platform COTS Head-Mounted Display Interface (Valve Index)

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2021-12-24 Guidebolt is approved for an NGen pilot project with a state-of-the-art Canadian PCB Fab | Candor
2021-11-02 Guidebolt joins NGen in preparation for avatar pilot testing with innovative Canadian manufacturers. | NGen
2021-08-20 Guidebolt's team and avatar functional-prototype are fully verified by the ANA Avatar XPRIZE | AAXP Semifinalist Teams List
2020-10-02 Guidebolt shares avatar design insights on a collaborative multi-team publication, the ANA Travel Unlimited Podcasts
2020-01-08 Guidebolt officially qualifies for the ANA Avatar XPRIZE | XPRIZE Announcement | AAXP Qualified Teams List
2019-05-27 Guidebolt attends the ANA Avatar XPRIZE Registered Team Summit in Geneva, Switzerland