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The avatar is a full-size humanoid robot controlled wirelessly by a remote operator equipped with a compact on-body interface. The avatar transports your human senses and physical ability to a remote location in real-time.
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What is an Avatar?

An avatar is a full-size, physical humanoid robot that you control using portable wearable equipment including a head-mounted display (HMD), control jacket, control gloves, and lower interface. The avatar-operator system transports your human senses and physical ability to a remote location in real-time, whether 1m close or 1000km away. From the comfort of your home or office, you can see, hear, speak, and physically interact with the remote environment as if you were actually there. Essentially, your avatar is your own artificial "second body".

Why an Avatar?


  • Using your avatar to work from home, eliminating commute time and reducing traffic.
  • Enduring dangerous work through your avatar for complete personal safety.
  • Leveraging your avatar for physically demanding tasks that your primary body would not be able to do or sustain for long.
  • Performing complex or dextrous tasks consistently by receiving sensing/motion/instructive assistance from your avatar.
  • Enhancing your productivity across several worksites with multi-avatar switching.
  • Helping friends, family, and other people in distant areas efficiently by projecting your skills through their avatars.
  • Visiting anywhere in the world instantly with a rented avatar.
  • Gaining useful abilities such as thermal-vision, super-hearing, and more that are integrated into the avatar for always-ready and instant-on performance.
  • Teaching your avatar to independently perform discrete tasks and adapt special behavior, working for you exactly according to your needs in autonomous mode.

How does an Avatar Work?

The avatar-operator system involves 2 central computers with a real-time OS, embedded GPUs, and modern low-latency interconnects such as CAN-FD. They communicate with each other across a standard internet connection with additional telecom channels as backup. MCU modules include smart electric actuators and intermediate controllers that also receive isolated power branched off a SELV 48VDC primary bus from the battery or the corded power supply (compatible with standard AC outlets). The hybrid control panel (touchscreen, analog) provides a convenient plug-and-play interface for the wearable equipment and a simple 5-second procedure for the avatar-operator control link.

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2020-01-08 Guidebolt officially qualifies for the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition | XPRIZE Announcement | Qualified Teams List
2019-05-27 Guidebolt attends the ANA Avatar XPRIZE Registered Team Summit in Geneva, Switzerland