Humanoid Telepresence Robotics

The avatar is a full-size humanoid robot controlled wirelessly by a remote operator equipped with a compact on-body interface. The avatar transports your human senses and physical ability to a remote location in real-time.

Competing in ANA Avatar XPRIZE
Supported by D3 Innovation in Montreal

Zero Commute

Your avatar is already where you need to be. Less driving to work and back, even for physical jobs. More freedom to live where you want.

A-Z Automation

Teach your avatar how to perform simple tasks from start to finish. Finally, basic chores can be completely automated. More time to do what you really want.

Isolated Safety

Your avatar is a replaceable second body. Explore risky environments and perform dangerous tasks with complete personal safety from afar. More confidence to do what needs to be done.

Global Reach

Access other people's avatars to go anywhere instantly with zero preparation. Provide critical help from the comfort of your home. More opportunities to be a real hero.

Immersive Learning

Learn by doing with real-time visual cues, automatic assistance, and shared avatar control with expert teachers. More clarity to understand faster and deeper.

About Us

We understand the possibility space. We care about systems that work. We value truth, efficiency, and real-world consequences.

Knowledge Base

Information drives every thought, decision, and action. In our increasingly complex world where logic and trust are hard to weave confidently, it is easy to be misled by noise, incur unknown risks, and waste valuable resources. Truth is the fundamental solution.


2021-08-20 Guidebolt advances as a fully verified semifinalist team in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE | AAXP Semifinalist Teams List
2020-10-02 Guidebolt shares avatar design insights on a collaborative multi-team publication, the ANA Travel Unlimited Podcasts
2020-01-08 Guidebolt officially qualifies for the ANA Avatar XPRIZE | XPRIZE Announcement | AAXP Qualified Teams List
2019-05-27 Guidebolt attends the ANA Avatar XPRIZE Registered Team Summit in Geneva, Switzerland