Knowledge Base

Information drives every thought, decision, and action. In our increasingly complex world where logic and trust are hard to weave confidently, it is easy to be misled by noise, incur unknown risks, and waste valuable resources. Truth is the fundamental solution.


We expend great effort to create resilient designs, procure quality tools, establish sensible standards, find dependable suppliers, and more.

For your benefit, here we describe how we think, what we use, and how we operate. If you trust our critical thinking, you can save time and money by following our guidance. That said, just because we use something does not mean we consider it good. Some things we are testing or get for just-sufficient performance. Some things have known problems yet still seem to be the best or only option available at the time. Therefore we explicitly label our confident suggestions as "recommended" and "strongly recommended", for what meets and exceeds our standard of resilient value.