Real World Perspective


Think about the countries that are currently running out of food and toilet paper despite having enough labor and technology to run a prosperous economy. Months pass, supplies dwindle, the government has done nothing, and at this point you have had enough- someone has to step up and take charge of the situation and it's going to be you. This compulsion is the heart of well-intentioned entrepreneurship.

You are ready to commit your life savings to run a toilet paper factory and save the people from deprived poverty. You buy the factory and then the government seizes your factory because they claim you are an evil rich factory owner. Or, you finally start producing some toilet paper but then some people break inside, destroy your equipment, and take all your toilet paper for the common benefit of the people. Or, you actually manage to start selling some toilet paper to retailers, but rioters keep stealing from them so you end up with no distributors to buy your toilet paper. Or, you discover that the people don't have enough money to spend on toilet paper as their budget is already fully spent on scraps of food- the money needs to flow in a sustainable circle but apparently it is not. This is where you must begin to understand that the problem is rooted in the people themselves. If other people let you keep the factory, let you grow your inventory, stop stealing from distributors, and shop at the right places so the money flows around properly, then the economy would run fine, as seen in civil developed countries.

Welcome to the world of business, where generous and selfish people alike either sit back and let their country fall in ruins, or take the risk to invest in some business that may be crushed by misguided people in the government or the general public. If you live in an economy running mostly well, consider yourself lucky and for the love of civilization, tread lightly on business owners lest you bring dystopia- where everyone needs a job and noone leads the production of anything.