Batteries are portable energy containers.

Standard batteries (ex. conventional AA/AAA with 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiMH) are common. This is their primary upside.

Standard batteries are available for generations, hence products that use standard batteries are usable for generations. Therefore, standard batteries improve the lifetime value of a product.

Japanese companies like SONY and CASIO are popular for designing every-day products that use standard batteries and last decades.

Portable energy should always be designed with standard batteries unless the application convincingly demands something that only custom batteries offer.

Custom batteries get more expensive and hard to find as time passes; this is their primary downside.

Custom batteries provide a flexible geometric fit; special form factors are essential for compact ergonomics such as for phones and cameras.

Custom batteries provide unified single-piece handling and advanced insertion/ejection mechanisms that improve the ergonomics of replacing the batteries.

Custom batteries can be set to a specific voltage and assembled to a certain energy capacity as required by the product.

Custom batteries can be designed with additional protection features that improve the safety of the battery assembly further than standard batteries.

Custom batteries tend to artificially shorten the lifespan of electronic products, especially when the product's batteries are not designed to be replaced. Such fixed degradation extends to business inventory depreciation with sales timing constraints, as well as unique substitution risk where the battery fails and no backup is readily available for an urgent need.

Correct Applications

Battery-powered smoke and gas alarms can be installed with ease and excellent location flexibility. High capacity AA-standard batteries provide years of reliable operation when paired with energy-efficient alarm electronics. Battery replacement must be coordinated with a long-term schedule or regular nearby authorities who can detect and respond to the low battery alert.