Product Branding


Product branding comes in many forms. Stickers or imprints? Logo, business name, product name, or some combination thereof?

Product branding is mainly a passive advertisement noticed by users and bystanders. Because users may forget which products were from which companies over time, product brand marks can be a useful reference point when the product needs to be replaced, repaired, or maintained.

Avoid over-sizing and over-coloring your brand mark, which can sharply reduce the aesthetic value of your product. The brand mark should be sufficiently inconspicuous, durable, and have a negligible effect on performance and cleaning.

Example: A deep imprint is hard to clean. Dirt is hard to eject from the crevices of a deep slot.

To get both shelf recognition and sturdy aesthetics, sometimes it makes sense to have both a large product sticker that removes easily without residue and a small durable imprint that provides long-term brand awareness.