Revised 2018.01.20

Elementary Knowledge

Khan Academy - Free online academy for K-8 education across conventional subjects such as math, grammar, physics, economics, programming, and history. A good place to brush up on basic knowledge.


Businesses are looking for qualified candidates with core competency and unique strengths.


Career preparation is fundamentally about developing real skills. Then it's a matter of effective communication with prospective employers, clients, and customers to build enough of their trust and confidence to land the job or sale. This is the general process.

Career communication is fundamentally about the explanation, demonstration, and certification of your skills. Explanations include resumes and websites. Demonstrations include portfolios of past work and displays of real-time problem-solving. Certification involves official affirmations from trusted authorities.

Skills are fundamentally about knowing how to do something. Skills start with knowledge and intuition. Skills are bolstered by practice and experience through simulations and real challenges that are hard, complex, nuanced, time-constrained, and high-stakes. Skills can be deceptive; you may actually be much better or much worse than your own estimate. Skills range from the general to the specific, overlapping each other like a big Venn diagram. Skills rely on the use of tools such as your body, computer, and phone.

Example: The general skill of self-discipline. The specific skill of waking up in the morning. The general skill of using a tool. The slightly less general skill of using a calculator. The specific skill of using the CASIO-260FX calculator. The even more specific skill of using the CASIO-260FX calculator to solve trigonometric problems.

Before you develop new skills, you need to choose which skills to learn. The correct skills must align your personal interests with the real opportunities of the future that are driven by demand. For employment you must forecast what exact jobs will be in demand. For entrepreneurship you must forecast what exact products and services will be in demand. Generally, you must also forecast how others will develop various skillsets and compete for limited opportunities. This process requires you to understand the trajectory of the present into the future.


Self-Education. Starting with the simplest. Self-education requires high discipline and engagement with your field of study. You will read books, engage online resources, and experiment with your own projects.




Trade Schools. Short, cost-effective programs for practical skills. Highly recommended.



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