Over-ear headsets are generally more comfortable than their on-ear and in-ear variations, given larger padding and greater surface area.

Wired headsets last longer (no degrading battery), are compatible with more devices (standard 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio ports), and incur much less setup risk (faster, less complicated) than wireless variations.

Recommendation: Logitech G433. Wired, over-ear headset with high durability, ease of use, versatility, and medium sound quality.

Logitech Development History

Logitech headsets have always evolved with a focus on durability, starting with an early adoption of thick fabric jackets on their headset cables. In 2013 they launched the G230 and G430 headsets with sports-mesh earpads that can be separated and cleaned. They had learned their lesson after harsh user feedback on the G35 which shed black flakes of earpad polymer after an extended period of use. While the sports mesh held up strong, even the G230 and G430 lineup had flaking problems from the polymer on the back of the earpad.

Finally, in 2017 Logitech released their updated product line including the G433 (wired) and G533 (wireless) which not only use sports mesh fabric across the entire earpad and earpiece, but also bring a slew of high-value parts. The G433 comes with a detachable mike with a small integrated pop filter. It packs an additional pair of earpads made of microfiber material (the normal pair being sports mesh) that is softer for people with sensitive skin, yet still durable. It ships with a magnetic-latch box and zippered bag that provides convenient long-term storage value. It also comes with a variety of cables for different needs such as for portable/console listening and USB computer connections, including a 3.5mm Y-splitter, USB audio adapter, and polymer jacket cable (less durable than fabric but more flexible). The addition of these parts represents their prioritized efforts to help people achieve plug-and-play ease when they open the product. The sound quality is moderate as expected from their gradual improvement in this area. Overall Logitech has done an excellent job with these design and accessory updates and we will see how the audio reliability (including operational noise and quality degradation risks) truly fares into 2018.