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Product Photography

For the average seller, a DSLR camera with tripod and white paper on a sunny day will suffice for taking fine product pictures. If you want to spend your money efficiently, the long-term value of a good DSLR camera and tripod will be the pinnacle of your photography tools. As for background materials, lightboxes are large and unwieldy, seldom used by professional photographers. The recommended way, matte or gloss white paper or fabric is cheap and functional, requiring just a way to hold it in place under and behind the product. Lighting is also a crucial element of the scene, particularly important for dealing with inconsistent weather conditions and deep indoor shots. Instead of purchasing a large set of specialized lights, the compact, affordable alternative is to use high-power flashlights, which have lasting value outside just product photography.

Flashlight Cinematography | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios