Online Software

Search Engine - Recommendation: DuckDuckGo. Secure search engine that doesn't track you or save your personal search history.

Email Provider - Recommendation: Protonmail. Secure email provider based in Switzerland. Free and robust.

Diagram Creator - Recommendation: In-browser application with emphasis on alignment and node-to-node connections.

Personal Software

Office Program Suite - Recommendation: Libreoffice. Create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and basic drawings. Free and cross-platform with import/export compatibility for other popular office suite formats.

Text Editor - Recommendation: Atom. Simple, customizable text editor and integrated development environment (IDE). Great for writing and reading code and notes.

Password Manager - Recommendation: Keepass. Free, robust, open-source. Saves the encrypted database file to your computer to avoid web data vulnerabilities. Can be saved at a cloud storage host of your choice for working with multiple devices.

Torrenting Client - Recommendation: Transmission. Free, simple. Also recommended by Wikileaks [1] [2].

Vector Graphics Editor - Recommendation: Inkscape. Create or edit logos, line art, infographics, and other line-based images.

Raster Graphics Editor - Recommendation: GIMP. Produce, resize, crop, rotate, and retouch your photos and other dot-style image files.

Illustration Creator - Recommendation: Clip Studio Paint. Popular and effective digital drawing program for illustrations and manga. Formerly named Manga Studio. Use with a drawing tablet. See review by Brian Allen.

3D Animation Creator - Recommendation: Blender. Free and open-source with integrated video editor. Supported by the Blender Foundation.

Audio Editor - Recommendation: Audacity. Record your voice or music, manipulate audio clips for your media library, and import-export different filetypes. Great for handling standard audio tasks like other digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Video Editor - Recommendation: Kdenlive. Simple, robust video editor with primary support for Linux. Free and open source. Renders to numerous standard formats, including WebM and MP4 (AAC/HEVC).

Screen Recorder - Recommendation: Open Broadcaster Software. Simple on-screen video recording and live streaming program.