Online Search

Revised 2018.02.23


Online search ads are relatively easy and quick to make because they are text-based with no need for fancy pictures or videos. Starting a new ad can be done in minutes! They are cost-effective because you only pay for results with the option to pay-per-impression or pay-per-click. You can get started with as little as $5 with a cost per click generally under $1 but ranging up to over $50 for hot keywords. They help you reach your intended audience by providing fine control over target keywords and demographic filters. Your ad text needs to be exceptionally concise with a call to action that convinces the viewer to click the ad into your website. Overall, online search ads are one of the most cost-effective, targeting-oriented channels to reach your audience.

Bing Ads - Managed by Microsoft, this advertising network covers popular search websites like DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo. Handles ~15% of all online searches.

Google Adwords - Handles 75% of all online searches.

Expect a general click-through rate of about 1%.

Keyword Selection

Use the free Google Keyword Planner to check the popularity and price of different keywords.

Start with normal descriptors. What is the topic of your ad? What does it offer to the audience?

Consider quality qualifiers like "best", "recommended", "top".

Consider geographic qualifiers such as the name of the country, region, city.

Consider product-specific narrowing qualifiers like "folding" tables, "solid state" drives.

Consider general descriptors such as using "furniture" for a mattress and bedframe ad. But don't take it too far to the extreme of "stuff" and "things".

Consider need and desire keywords such as "tired" in "How to be less tired" for a comfortable chair ad.

Consider function keywords such as "organize" in "Something to organize my stuff" for a light-weight shelf ad.