Good management communicates clear expectations, negotiates fair terms, writes specific agreements, and verifies objective trust.

Principle of Authority Compliance

Results-oriented Perspective

Focus on getting results. If a problem comes up, fix it. If someone makes a mistake, help them to get it done correctly now and criticize constructively later. Sometimes people make the right decision that causes a problem because every decision incurs risk.

Permanent Solutions

Permanent solutions are usually less human and more structural and procedural like with a company policy and process checklist. If you want employees to wash their hands, it is far more effective to put up a hand-washing-rule poster in the washroom than to simply assert a forgettable verbal reminder.

Clear, Objective, Strategic Communication

Don't jump to conclusions and don't make unnecessary assumptions. If you don't see an email from an employee that you are expecting in your inbox, it may have gone to your spam folder or it may have been sent with a typo to the wrong email address. Make factual statements and ask neutral questions to set the right premise.

Strategic and timely reactions are critical during a professional engagement. Thus it is necessary to be calm and prepared for all lines of action that other parties may conduct, such as topic-switching, prior-agreement-breaking, loaded questions, misinterpretation, rambling, interruption, ignorance, and even violence.


Effective partners and employees can handle criticism, admit being wrong, and think of specific procedural changes to avoid making the same mistake twice.

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