Applied Information Map

This website has 4 distinct purposes. One, it is a navigation hub that points you to other great websites and resources. Two, it is a pillar of fundamental knowledge that brings your mental models closer to the truth. Three, it is a map of unfamiliar concepts that lays out the knowledge you have yet to explore. Four, it is a collection of specific and useful information that propels real results. Cut through the noise, think correctly, plan clearly, and act decisively.

Life & Principles

This guide covers the general context of your life along with some useful skills and principles to steel your thoughts and decisions. Abstract ideas can be powerfully versatile and everlasting. They will stand with you through the test of time across all types of encounters.

The crossroads of your destiny flicker every second.

Every moment is a test of your speed and elegance. Are you taking the right steps to live a happy and fulfilling life? Balance your time between short-term and long-term goals. Discover your true desires. Accept your immediate circumstances. Your time, money, skills, body, assets, relationships, and current environment are things to be worked on with solemn vigor. Move forward, choosing correctly from available actions.

Interview with Entrepreneur/Investor Barbara Corcoran | Video by Valuetainment - A genuine story reflecting on key moments in life, the evolution of her mentality, and special professional memories as she grew from a family of 10 children and her working years as a waitress to the freedom of self-employment and the eventual sale of her real estate business for 66 million dollars. Emphasis on having the mental drive to prove yourself and understanding any investment opportunity before you put money in it.

Every upcoming hour of your life will be shaped by the information that swirls in your mind now.

Preparation drives your future. How correctly you would think; how decisively you would act; how effective you would be with the right information. Knowledge can illuminate your best possible path. Words can ignite a brilliant understanding of truth and imagination. Imbued in every syllable and symbol, the consonance rings and the ideas shine. Every piece of information affects the rest of your life in a specific way.

When you need guidance, understand what great information looks like.

Quality information surrounds the truth. It sets and meets expectations. It brings inspiration and guides accomplishment. It is fast and concise, yet accommodating for the pace and prior knowledge of the reader. It is designed for an intended audience, adjusting transitions, repetitions, complexity, and content density. It is reinforced with details, examples, alternative explanations, and comparisons. It is versatile in theory, instructive in practice, and relevant to the reader. It ranges from the abstract to the concrete. Familiar ideas are modeled into new knowledge. Length of the explanation is proportional to the value of the idea. The ideas are structured like a story or dictionary according to the intended experience. The ideas are properly ordered for vivid mental modeling and an effective learning curve.

Principle of Continuous Observation

Make the best of any situation by extracting useful information from every life experience.

See the world for what it is with solemn focus; absolute observations without bias. The interpretation of information reflects the association of ideas. It uses categories to form big, enveloping ideas: the abstract and concrete; the simple and complex; the real and imagined. It forms questions about the past and future; the evolution of nature, the factors influencing intent, the scope of what was and is and will be possible, the consequences of what is likely to happen based on the present state of the world. With logical induction, it draws general lessons from specific experiences. With logical deduction, it points general concepts into specific solutions. Risk is a function of imperfect observation, imperfect logic, and inaccessible information.

Principle of Total Preparation

Have a plan for how to react correctly in any situation.

Planning protects you from the unexpected unknown of people and the environment. It saves time during moments when every second matters greatly. It offers recourse against sudden violence, professional betrayal, and unpredictable accidents. It may be as abstract as a mental guideline prescribing a general course of action or as specific as the phone number of a poison control center.

Principle of Future Simulation

Be ready to adapt to the needs of any situation based on the specific consequences that you value.

Let your principles raise what matters but let the situation point the action. Focus on the concrete consequences. Sometimes the right decision is a tough decision that pressures your personal code of conduct. Beware the potential for noble flexibility to transform your good intentions into misguided evil. Catch yourself before you fall into common mental traps. Fools often think too short-sighted or too long-sighted. Fools get attached to abstract ideologies and ignorant of the specific consequences. Fools see the world in terms of black and white and are unable to weigh the costs and benefits of trade-offs in every decision. Fools flaunt presumed righteousness and become unwilling to look at other viewpoints objectively or at all. Fools get careless about the scope of risk, blind to the possibility of being wrong, and narrow-minded against alternative paths.

Get clear and specific about your true goals in order to pick useful battles and avoid unnecessary risks.

Goals balance short-term and long-term happiness, satisfying need, desire, and purpose. They are tempered with self-control and foresight. They are grounded by self-reflection and planning. Society esteems noble goals such as raising the next generation, making life easier, exploring the unknown, and protecting civilization. Real goals are fulfilled with a continuous line of action that plans every second from the present to the future. Goals require preparation; the diligent accumulation of versatile tools and skills. Goals require prediction; a firm understanding of specific consequences and creative possibilities. Goals require focus; clear vigilance and strong intentions.

Develop and exert strong control over your mind and body.

Self-control overcomes the first-try confidence barrier. It repairs habits and heuristics. It focuses on the factors under one's control. It invokes the self-awareness and conviction to think rationally then act decisively in the spur of each moment. It follows the do-it-now principle. It knows what is and is not worth doing. It acts at the right time and in the right order. It knows when to be decisive and when to be cautious. It starts and finishes tasks responsibly. It simulates the short-term and long-term consequences of its actions. It evades the emotional bias of sunk cost and peer pressure. To mitigate risk, it values consequences that are reversible with next-step flexibility.

Use productive distractions to continuously spend your time effectively.

You live in the shadow of your ultimate self who carries perfect knowledge and discipline. However, like you, they are also limited by the physical constraints of the universe. They can only speak so fast without sacrificing clarity; they can only type so fast within the limits of human dexterity. Where they excel against you by leaps and bounds is their ability to think quickly and act decisively. Every time you encounter decision paralysis or willpower exhaustion, you are falling behind further and further. For this reason, build a habit of reallocating your focus to some other useful task when you get stuck on your current one. The new task may be as mundane but necessary such as sleep, laundry, or organization. That said, there are times when you must accept your imperfections and simply think slowly, carefully, and continuously think about a major situation.