Perspective of Understanding

You live somewhere on this world, bound by its natural laws and social expectations. You are a certain age. You are somewhere on the spectrum of passing life day-by-day or planning life to every minute. You somewhat understand what you like and dislike. You somewhat understand what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Even walking a single step can have complex consequences. It affects your body. It affects the ground. It tests the enforcement of private property. It changes the social tension as you get closer to someone else. It signals your intent to move in a particular direction for particular reasons. It is an opportunity for you to improve your walking posture.

With knowledge comes greater understanding of your potential.

Global Landscape of Information

Quality information surrounds the truth. It sets and meets expectations. It brings inspiration and guides accomplishment. It is fast and concise, yet accommodating for the pace and prior knowledge of the reader. It is designed for an intended audience, adjusting transitions, repetitions, complexity, and content density. It is reinforced with details, examples, alternative explanations, and comparisons. It is versatile in theory, instructive in practice, and relevant to the reader. It ranges from the abstract to the concrete. Familiar ideas are modeled into new knowledge. Length of the explanation is proportional to the value of the idea. The ideas are structured like a story or dictionary according to the intended experience. The ideas are properly ordered for vivid mental modeling and an effective learning curve.

Information Structures

Collaborative encyclopedias like Wikipedia provide broad explanations, yet they tend to get exhaustively lengthy while the same principle of neutrality that protects them from spam and bias also prevents them from making specific recommendations.

Search engines like DuckDuckGo provide relevant results, yet they depend on accurate keywords and accompany much untrustworthy noise.

Forums like Stack Exchange provide useful answers to specific questions, yet their responses are unstructured, often incomplete, and take time to reply without guarantees.

Academic schools provide foundational knowledge built on long-standing reputations and official standards, yet their courses are usually theoretical, unadaptive, slow, and notoriously expensive.

Books are dense nuggets of smoothly narrated information, yet they are usually lengthy and prone to being discovered individually without sequence.

Blogs provide insightfully opinionated reflections, yet their posts are usually sporadic, narrow, and chronologically structured.

Maps are perhaps the missing piece of the puzzle. They would have 4 distinct purposes structured for practical guidance. One, they navigate you to other great websites and resources. Two, they set pillars of fundamental knowledge that bring your mental models closer to the truth. Three, they reveal unfamiliar areas of knowledge that are ready to be explored. Four, they hold commonly useful and opinionatedly specific information that propel real results.

Cut through the noise, think correctly, plan clearly, and act decisively.

Tier 1 Mental Skills

Critical Thinking

Scientific Intuition

Actionable Framing

Think in terms of what you can do to the world.

Tier 1 Life Principles

Principle of Continuous Observation

Principle of Total Preparation

Principle of Future Simulation

Assorted Principles

Principle of Perfect Comparison

Principle of Time Compression

Principle of Sampling

Past, Present, and Future

The crossroads of your destiny flicker every second. Every moment is a test of your speed and elegance. Balance your time between short-term and long-term goals. Discover your true desires. Accept your immediate circumstances. Your time, money, skills, body, assets, relationships, and current environment are things to be worked on with solemn vigor. Move forward, choosing correctly from available actions.

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Ultimate Path

Knowledge can unlock your potential and illuminate your best possible path.

Mental Resonance

Words can ignite your mind with a brilliant understanding of truth and imagination.

Interpretive Interpolation

Imbued in every syllable and symbol, the consonance rings and the ideas shine.