Revised 2018.02.21

Purpose Here

This website is a living map for entrepreneurs and self-directed learners. It focuses on valuable and actionable knowledge. Every upcoming hour of your life will be shaped by the information that swirls in your mind. Whether you are building your career, starting a business, or pursuing some other goal, you will find something useful here.

Version Alpha: Some guides are incomplete. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Quality Information

Quality information deals with truth. It sets and meets expectations. It invokes feelings and directs accomplishments. It is fast and concise, yet accommodating for the pace and prior knowledge of the reader. It is designed for an intended audience, adjusting transitions, repetitions, complexity, and content density. It is reinforced with details, examples, alternative explanations, and comparisons. It is versatile in theory, instructive in practice, and relevant to the reader. Familiar ideas are modeled into new knowledge. Length of the explanation is proportional to the value of the idea. The ideas are structured like a story or dictionary according to the intended experience. The ideas are properly ordered for vivid mental modeling and an effective learning curve.

Deep Interpretation

The interpretation of information deals with the association of ideas. It uses categories to form big, enveloping ideas: the abstract and concrete; the simple and complex; the real and imagined. It forms questions about the past and future; the evolution of nature, the factors influencing intent, the scope of what was and is and will be possible, the consequences of what is likely to happen based on the present state of the world. With an opportunistic mindset, it extracts useful information from every life experience. With logical induction, it draws general lessons from specific experiences. With logical deduction, it assembles general concepts into specific solutions. With solemn focus, it sees the world for what it is; absolute observations without bias.

Real Goals

Goals are driven by mind and body. They balance short-term and long-term happiness. They are tempered with self-control and foresight. They are grounded by self-reflection and planning. Society esteems noble goals such as raising the next generation, making life easier, exploring the unknown, and protecting civilization. Real goals are fulfilled with a continuous line of action that plans every second from the present to the future. Goals require preparation; preparation requires the diligent accumulation of versatile tools and skills. Goals require prediction; prediction requires a firm understanding of specific reality and creative possibility. Goals require focus; focus requires everlasting vigilance and compelling intent.

True Control

Self-control aligns the true self with mind and body. It overcomes the first-try confidence barrier. It repairs habits and heuristics. It focuses on the factors under one's control. It provides the self-awareness and conviction to think rationally then act decisively in the spur of each moment. It diligently follows the do-it-now principle. It wisely knows what is and is not worth doing in the moment. It acts at the right time and in the right order. It knows when to be decisive and when to be cautious. It starts and finishes tasks responsibly. It weighs risk as a function of imperfect observation, imperfect logic, and inaccessible information. It accepts present personal circumstances; time, money, skills, body, assets, relationships, expectations. It simulates the short-term and long-term consequences of its actions without emotional bias from sunk cost and peer pressure. To defend against mistakes and risk, it values consequences that are reversible with next-step flexibility. It moves forward, choosing correctly from available actions. See Tools.