Suppliers are people who are available to provide you products and services in the course of trade or goodwill. They include family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, governments, businesses, and other organizations. They hold skills, authority, and intentions. They control facilities, equipment, and personnel. They run servers to host websites and process data. They conduct research and development to discover new knowledge, techniques, and technologies. They extract raw materials at resource sites, process intermediate goods through factories, deliver finished products to warehouses, then store and ship packages to retail stores and customer homes.

Knowledge & Communications

Encyclopedia - Recommendation: Wikipedia.

Q&A - Examples: Stack Exchange, Quora

Professional Networking - Examples: LinkedIn.

Forums - Examples: Gab, Reddit, 4Chan.

Video Sharing - Examples: Youtube, Vimeo, BitChute

Social Media - Examples: Medium, Twitter

News - Examples: Fox News. Good news websites are tough to find nowadays. Mainstream media companies are sacrificing their neutrality and integrity for extra money because the conventional news industry is bleeding. People are shifting their time and attention away from cable TV to social media, video sharing platforms, and forum platforms.


Icons - Examples: Iconmonstr

Digital Services

Domain Name Registration - Recommendation: NameCheap.

Online Payment Processing - Examples: PayPal, Stripe.

Text Sharing and Archival - Examples: Pastebin.

Code Version Control - Examples: Github, Bitbucket.

Long-term Multimedia Archival - Examples: Internet Archive

Server Hosting - Examples: DigitalOcean

Physical Products

Wholesale Retail Distributor - Recommendation: Costco

Industrial Supply Distributor | United States - Example: Mcmaster-Carr. Popular, trusted with renowned user interface and helpful product guidance.

Online Marketplace - Examples: Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Craigslist.

Consumer Electronics Distributor | North America - Examples: Best Buy, Newegg

Electronic Parts Distributor | North America - Examples: Mouser and Digikey. Provides parametric search across millions of components.

Shipping Supplies Distributor | North America - ULINE. Convenient ordering workflow and clear bulk discount amounts.

Prototyping & On-Demand Production | North America - Protolabs. 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding. Based in Minnesota, US.